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Description:   #91      'Potato Head'

     A smiling, stocking hat wearing, skier, streaking along, his scarf and cap flying in the wind. Look closely at the scarf and remember this is the buffalo side of the nickel.


Price:     SOLD

Description:  #78      'Peruvian Indian'

     The Indians of the Andes mountains, descendents of the Inca, have adopted the soft bowler 'Hobo' hat as a national headdress since the 1700's.


Price:     SOLD

Description:   #66      'Full Warrior Bling'

     This is an extremely detailed carving, an alternative to the original, a very proud chief squinting at the sky in full regalia. Each of the 26 eagle feathers in his war bonnet has finely detailed quills and barbules.

     His chest is covered with a pipe bone breastplate and seven soft ermine tails hang from the 24kt inlaid roundels on either side of the beaded headband.

   The host coin is a beautiful AU full horn buffalo.    

Price:     SOLD

Description:   #163   'Sweet Music'

     An exercise in anatomy, did you know ears are like fingerprints... no two are alike. But they all serve the same purpose... to hear... and the best of sound is music which brings about the engraved and inlayed 24kt gold musical notes.

Price:     SOLD

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