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Description: #14 'John'

      In the classic cameo style, John Wayne the way he looked at us from the screen for all those years. A finely detailed deep relief with a soft finish, to eliminate glare and enhance the portrait. Host coin is a very nice full horn buffalo.

Price:     SOLD

Description:   #101   'Face in Buffalo'

   A very deeply carved relief using the central body mass as a 'canvas' a very detailed and deeply cut face of a man appears, this is on a 2005 Jefferson nickel.

Price:     SOLD

Description:   #115   'Buffalo Skull'

     A finely detailed carving of a traditional Indian 'Spirit Skull' embellished with a pair of eagle feathers. Notice the contrast of the four different textures.

Price:     SOLD

Description:   #152   'All I Got'

     Another of the little head series coin. A clever combination of intense carving and engraving using the large amount of 'white space' to make the message stand out. The host coin is a great 1919 full horn buffalo.

Price:     SOLD

Description:   #127   'Full Step Jefferson'

     A deeper, more elaborate carving with facial changes, hat and beard hosted on a clean 'full step' Jefferson nickel.

Price:     SOLD

Description:   #134   'The Nose'

     This carved face seems to emerge from the surface of this Jefferson nickel as if it were pushing out from  inside the coin. An exaggerated character face of a very old man living inside this nickel.

Price:    SOLD

Description:   #139   'Dolphin and Bo'

     A whimsical carving of a hobo complete with a bowler hat hitching a ride on a friendly dolphin that is emitting seven 24kt gold air bubbles.

     A happy subtle combination of carving and  gold inlay. The host coin is a beautiful full horn buffalo.

   Price  SOLD

Description:   #140   'Two Elves'

     This coin has both sides carved each with an elfin face. These two wonderful characters one with his impish smile and curly topped hat.     The other side is an elf of strong character, powerful nose and determined eyes, pointed ear thick beard and detailed leather cap.

Price:     SOLD

Description:  #144   'Two for One'

     The face of a 'slick haired' depression era con man on one side and a singing Italian opera 'harlequin' figure on the other. There's no correlation, just two different character studies

Price:     SOLD

Description:#148   'Little Head'

     This is an exercise in carving opposing shapes next to each other. The outer band of the boarder is concave while the plane next to it, the background for the head is convex. A combination of c arving and engraving that works well and brings a smile.

     The host coin is a great 1913 type 1 full horn buffalo.

Price:     SOLD

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