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LINKS - To Pages I Find Interesting

Rochelle Ford A wonderful metal sculptor using recycled auto parts , steel mill splatters and other found objects.
She is the wildest and the best part is that she is my SISTER. She is definitely #1 on my link list!


Visit the Home Page of Walter Arnold - Sculptor/ Stone Carver

Clifton Sears A fine carver from Nova Scotia, Canada. Does some interesting carvings
reflecting his experiences as a lobsterman.

Carter Wolfgang Carter Wolfgang artist supreme, Check out his great artwork and services!


Danner Studios Original Wildlife Sculptures & Limited Edition Collectibles

Woodriver carvings Jeremy Karst -Woodecarver. Fish carvings with a natural finish
from unusual wood grown in the northwest.

Vic Kirkman Originals You will find some very beautiful examples of fine decorative wildfowl carving
Vic is also an instructor and offers classroom instruction.
Take a look at this one!

Joe King Now this is some woodcarving!
Master of the saw.
Chainsaw carver.



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